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June 13 2018

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Customer Rewards
We'll pay you $1.47 to post on social media about our products, $2.05 to mention it in any group chats you're in, and 11 cents per passenger each time you drive your office carpool past one of our billboards.

June 11 2018

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Attention Span
I didn't even realize they MADE a novelization of "Surf Ninjas." How did you-- Oh my god, it's signed by the author?!

June 08 2018

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Sun and Earth
But we don't need to worry about the boiling masses sandwiching the thin layer in which we live, since we're so fragile and short-lived that it's unlikely to kill us before something else does! Wait, why doesn't that sound reassuring?
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June 06 2018

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Presidential Succession
Ties are broken by whoever was closest to the surface of Europa when they were born.

June 04 2018

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To watch an entire world end.
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LeBron James and Stephen Curry
The 538TR attempts to capture a player's combined skill at basketball (either real-life or NBA 2K18) and election forecasting.

June 01 2018

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omg how I became to hate these people 

I for one can't go to Russia, China and Iran, because I'd need to learn the language fluently. This means I am barred to "freely move and settle" from the largest landmass, largest pool of culture or just a fricking cool place with ancient ruins. Meanwhile, them illegals can just resettle, refuse to learn proper English, have children and then have the chutzpah to demand citizenship. They never argue they want to leave their own shitholes, they argue about freedom of movement, rights and so forth. I can't go to a lot of places. Then nobody ought do it. 

What the world needs most right now is more brain drain into the wealthy countries, because it worked so well before for all sides I am told. 
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Clickbait-Corrected p-Value
When comparing hypotheses with Bayesian methods, the similar 'clickbayes factor' can account for some harder-to-quantify priors.

May 30 2018

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xkcd Phone 2000
Our retina display features hundreds of pixels per inch in the central fovea region.

May 28 2018

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Selection Effect
fMRI testing showed that subjects who don't agree to participate are much more likely to escape from the machine mid-scan.

May 25 2018

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By clicking anywhere, scrolling, or closing this notification, you agree to be legally bound by the witch Sycorax within a cloven pine.

May 23 2018

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Business Update
Our customers keep sending us their personal information, even though we've repeatedly asked them to stop. The EU told me I'm the heir to some ancient European throne that makes me exempt from the GDPR, but we should probably still try to fix that.

May 21 2018

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Morning News
Support your local paper, unless it's just been bought by some sinister hedge fund or something, which it probably has.

May 19 2018

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