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July 05 2017

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Sports Knowledge
I heard they might make the wild card game, which would be cool. Do you know when that is? I have a wedding next weekend, but if it's after that we could try to go!

July 03 2017

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brain drain über alles!
Als Grössen- und Verbrauchsvergleich. Wenn Venezuela tatsächlich EOL mit Öl ist, dann ist Kuba das letzte Gebiet, das in der Region versorgt werden wird. Andere bezahlen einfach mehr. Kuba muss zudem
- Seine Infrastruktur neu bauen
- Tourismus ausbauen
- Landwirtschaftliche Geräte ersetzen
- Gebäude isolieren und wetterfestigen

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4th of July
Strangely, they still celebrate by eating hot dogs. Since they don't have mouths, they just kinda toss them in the air and let them fall back down into their propeller blades. It's pretty messy.

June 30 2017


Mir doch egal was ihr denkt, es tut was es soll.

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echo Site done.
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Emoji Movie
Some other studio should do the Antz/A Bug's Life thing and release The Dingbats Movie at the same time.

June 28 2017

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Existence Proof
Real analysis is way realer than I expected.
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June 27 2017

Ja schon ne gute Idee, nicht wahr, hier, lade diesen "client" herunter und traue uns einfach. 
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s wird immer schlimmer
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U serious?!

Wer kauft solchen Scheiss?!

June 26 2017

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I was banned from the airliners.net photography forum by concerned moderators after the end of my lens started brushing against planes as they flew by.

June 25 2017

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June 23 2017

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Refresh Types
The hardest refresh requires both a Mac keyboard and a Windows keyboard as a security measure, like how missile launch systems require two keys to be turned at once.

June 21 2017

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Murrican Imperialism in one picture.
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Once Per Day
I'm not totally locked into my routine—twice a year, I take a break to change the batteries in my smoke detectors.

June 19 2017

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Election Map
Luckily for my interpretation, no precincts were won by the Green Party.
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