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April 28 2017

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Oops. Either all others lie or Venezuela deservedly failed.
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3 Wörter, alles klar.
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Savedate: 2014.11.14 around nine o' clock. 

Note in cache: Probably older.
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ACPI ftw
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CHF 3.60 pro Bürger, ja, das ist sicher wirksam.

Verbietet endlich HFCS ihr Kuhviecher von Bern!
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ISS Solar Transit 2
Most people don't realize it, but they actually launch a new space station every few weeks because this keeps happening.

April 27 2017

If you are on a laptop and suspend or hibernate it, cjdroute will take a few minutes to make coffee and figure out what just happened when it wakes up. You can speed this up dramatically with:
— gnihihihi
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Nichts grossartiges mehr in den Serien.

Und nö, GoT werde ich mir nicht antun, wenn man parallel Lavrov und Tillerson beobachten kann.
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April 26 2017

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Sorgen der Uno
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'The mountains near here formed when the ... Newfoundland ... microplate collided with, uhh ... Labrador.' 'Ok, now you're definitely just naming dogs.' 'Wait, no, that's actually almost correct.'

April 24 2017

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Wären die Deutschen in die Schweiz eingefallen, wäre mein Grossvater umgekommen und ich habe deswegen moralischen Anspruch auf eine Rente von Deutschland. Auch wenn ich gar nicht dort lebe und die 300 nicht einmal einem Tageslohn von hier entsprechen.

Wann hört Deutschland endlich auf jedem Geld in den Arsch zu blasen und Europa schon wieder zu ruinieren? Kann Geschichte endlich Geschichte werden?
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ISS Solar Transit
I guess it's also the right setting for pictures of the Moon at night.

April 23 2017


April 21 2017

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Science doesn't find out what is true, but what works. 


Because of "elites" like you, we're doomed to another dark phase of history. Please shut up.

And which of you fuckers watching this never fly? Which of you fuckers limit immigration, because immigrants will be the most vulnerable to consumerism and collapse? Which of you fuckers will just not buy, eat or do something, because it is wrong?

None. So....gfy.
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