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April 19 2017

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No, tell the park rangers to calm down, it's fine--I put a screen on the front. I just want to get the birds a little closer.

April 18 2017

Why don't you shut up and listen for a change?!

-> Video save date: Some point in May, fucking 2016. 
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April 17 2017

— BESTE Unterhaltung wünscht Bram Cohen.
So when you see American grunts in sandbox and ships sending Happy Passover to Muslim people in form of Tomahawks, you must understand, this all is done in the name of holy paper dollar.
— boah...
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Mit der anderen wär das nicht passiert?

Ach ne klar
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Ach, und dort wird nichts geschmuggelt?!
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7 Eleven
Really, the only honest 24-hour stores are the ones in places like Arizona and Hawaii, and many of them are still wrong in certain years.

April 15 2017

So... If as an Kansan Farmer, I have to be enraged by European suicide attacks, can I pretty please be getting enraged by this video? No? Why not?
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April 14 2017

Bob Taylor, a former manager at PARC, said of their meetings, "If someone tried to push their personality rather than their argument, they'd find that it wouldn't work." Inside these debates, Taylor taught his people the difference between what he called Class 1 disagreements, in which neither party understood the other party's true position, and Class 2 disagreements, in which each side could articulate the other's stance. Class 1 disagreements were always discouraged, but Class 2 disagreements were allowed, as they often resulted in a higher quality of ideas. Taylor's model removed the personal friction from debates and taught individuals to use conflict as a means to find common, often higher, ground.
— I am feeling like I am locked into a series of Class I arguments as soon as energy or the environment are on the table.
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One of the most interesting ideas at Parc was: “every invention has to be engineered for 100 users”. So if you do a programming language or a DTP word processor, etc, it has to be documented for and usable by 100 people. If you make a personal computer, you have to be able to make 100 of them. If an Ethernet, it has to connect to 100 devices, etc.
— IoT: If you can make 100 exploits, you MUST implement them.
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11'000 Tonnen Spargeln.... wat

Moment. Das sind 11 Millionen Kilo, d.h. ca. 1.5 kg pro Person. Ein paar mal Sparseässe/Jahr und das kommt schon hin. 11'000 Tonnen sind ein paar Hundert Lastwagenfahrten, alleine für Spargeln. krass
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Identification Chart
Be careful—it's breeding season, and some of these can be *extremely* defensive of their nests.

April 13 2017

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three hail mary's for spreading that compost
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I’ll buy whatever tf I want!

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