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This is a special case of a much more general problem.  When you
decide to change your lifestyle to make it more minimalistic or
sustainable or whatever, if you're not careful it's surprisingly
easy to turn the initial energy of this undertaking into an
episode of buying new stuff to replace old stuff you already have
and which works just fine, simply because you want to own more
minimsliastic or sustainable versions of what you already have.
This is an easy trap to fall into but it can totally defeat the
purpose of your new resolutions.  It almost always makes more
sense to stick with what you already have.  I've invested quite
a lot of time and effort in minimising the amount of harm that
my smartphone can do to me, perhaps I should be satisfied with
that and not buy a new device I don't really need just to
prove a point?
— gopher://circumlunar.space/0/~solderpunk/phlog/dumbphone-dilemma.txt

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